What Can Instagram IGTV Reels Do to Boost Your IG Account

Instagram viewsInstagram logo in the different gaming communities are among the most impressive because the content creators are expert gamers themselves. They find enjoyment in sharing their skills and knowledge about major multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA video games.

Yet MOBA alone as a choice of gaming content is not enough to drive engagement between you and gaming enthusiasts; or make IG users choose your Instagram video over your competitors.

Yet how they do it is the one question that has been bothering a lot of wannabes who want to prevail in Instagram. Nothing seems to work, not even the Instagram Reels that greatly contribute to thriving communities of gamers.

Consider Using IGTV as Medium

IGTV, which stands for Instagram TV. is a mobile standalone video application launched by Instagram in 2018. Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, the IGTV software permits the recording of longer videos that can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as an hour. Also, unlike Reels that stay online for only 24 hours, IGTV videos will not disappear because they will be permanently featured as part of an IG user’s IGTV profile.

The next great thing about IGTV is that content creators have the capability to stream live ongoing gameplays that followers can watch. Incorporating hashtags are smooth ways by which streamers are able to connect with the game content they consider as the most interesting. Opportunities for engaming community logogagement even for paid followers are awesome since gameplays are in full and complete view.
Although IGTV was launched as a separate Instagram application in 2018, it was merged with the regular feed videos sometime in 2021. Doing so made it easier for gaming enthusiasts to find the video content as part of the creator’s IGTV lists

The change supports a solution for gamers in locating the longer Instagram videos uploaded by their favorite content creators. Doing so leverages the Instagram Marketing strategy of allowing IG users to discover the longer IGTV videos via the Explore pages.

IGTV is now part of Instagram Videos, but several changes made the longer reels distinctive, through the addition of the following:
All IGTV reels are placed in a separate Profile Tab;
Creators are allowed to trim the video using the tools of the Instagram software and while within the software.
Ability to upload and add a text file containing all important information, including subtitles of the dialogues in the video.
Location tagging is an additional feature of the video as it lets followers know where you are currently located.

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