2 Dark

2Dark is a Retro Survival Horror Adventure based on an explosive combination of several types of gameplay: infiltration, action, adventure and team management.

It is also Frederick Raynal’s first Survival Horror game after Alone in the Dark, the game that created the highly successful genre in 1992.Attic_05

The player controls Mr. Smith, a profiler, which he moves around 2.5D decors. The aim is to save as many kids as possible from the clutches of various serial killers.

Players have a tough challenge ahead of them as they confront one serial killer after the other in their respective lairs. They will have to find the way out, save and manage the terrified, and not always well disciplined, children, confront horror-hunger beings, avoid traps, and much more besides. Through the different levels, the player will discover his adversary’s backstory and motivations and the terrifying secret of Gloomywood Orphanage!

While this scenario is inspired by horror movie clichés, the graphics are stylized with pixels & voxels. The pixel art decors are illuminated by torchlight (2D normal map lighting), while characters and animated elements use voxel technology for a new form of 3D rendering, reviving the notions of sprite and animation in the games of the genre.

The new Survival Horror from Frederick Raynal: a return to the source of the genre, highlighting the psychological tension in the midst of the action!

A unique gameplay mixing adventure, action, infiltration and looking after children.
A scenario inspired by clichés from horror movies and cop shows: the children must be rescued from the clutches of Serial Killers!

Innovative technology mixes 2.5D views and voxel-based characters with a unique animation system.
Ten levels to play with a shudder… An unrelenting gaming experience, with some serious challenges!