To create our characters and assets, we developp our own tool. It allows us to modelize and animate 3D Voxels models.This software is still in Research and Development, but we already have an alpha version available for those who supported us or got an access to our Beta site.

Video Game Designer

Welcome to our official website. Here you can track our current and completed projects for a range of video games. Our team builds creative storylines and characters that help make the games interesting and playable. We give the direction to the video games that offer the adventure every gamer expects.

Sophie-Jainne Fled

Kidnapped by aliens as a child, at Plambuit sur Ollon in Switzerland, it took her years to teach them about good manners, how to speak French, 19th century fantasy literature

Thimy Plutton

Back in 1990 he was yelling « No Future! » in the Ubisoft offices! RanX came out, but the teenager was silenced… in the years that followed were spent wandering, hopelessly lost…

Gael Marroc

She doodles everywhere – ever since she was a little girl! Everywhere… even on the walls of her nana’s bedroom! What a spanking she got herself that day!

Gregory Taynap

When he was a kid, Frederick (with a K if you don’t want him to turn up one evening like some kind of masked avenger!) was already taking CB radios apart (CB for Citizens’ Band).

Press Releases

Here you can stay updated with the latest news in the video game industry. Find the best stories from the video game universe that have revolutionized the industry.

A retro video game band is born!


Retro Survival from Gloomywood!


Survival Adventure


Frederick Taynap’s Horror


Release Announced !

Catch the first glimpse of the upcoming mystery game. Take a free walkthrough with our team as we introduce you to the themes.

It has been a great experience so far working with GloomyWood on a project that our team has been developing for a year now. Things are going as planned, and the team of GloomyWood is highly supportive of the ideas.



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Game Development 101: Learning C++ for Aspiring Game Developers

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Embarking on the journey of game development is an exciting venture, and for aspiring game developers, mastering the fundamentals of programming is key to bringing their creative visions to life. Among the myriad of programming languages, C++ stands out as a robust and versatile choice, especially in the realm of video game development. Here we discuss why you should learn LearnCpp.

Understanding the Basics

At its core, C++ is an extension of the C programming language, known for its efficiency and powerful features. Learning C++ starts with grasping the fundamental concepts of variables, data types, and control structures. Aspiring game developers should familiarize themselves with the syntax and structure of C++, setting the groundwork for more complex programming tasks.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

One of the defining features of C++ is its support for object-oriented programming (OOP). OOP is a paradigm that revolves [….]

Choosing the Best Tablet for Music Note Reading: A Musician’s Guide

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For musicians, the transition from traditional sheet music to digital notation is becoming increasingly prevalent, and selecting the right music notes tablet (tablet für musiknoten) can significantly enhance the music-reading experience during performances and practice sessions.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help musicians navigate the myriad options and find the ideal tablet for their musical needs.

Display Quality

Opt for a tablet with a high-resolution display. Crisp and clear visuals are crucial for reading intricate musical notations. Look for devices with vibrant colors, wide viewing angles, and sufficient brightness to ensure optimal visibility under various lighting conditions.

Screen Size and Aspect Ratio

Consider the tablet’s screen size and aspect ratio. Tablets with larger screens provide more space for sheet music, reducing the need for constant page-turning. An aspect ratio closer to the standard sheet music dimensions enhances the [….]

How Software and Social Boosting Reshape the Video Games Industry on Social Media

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The dynamic landscape of the video game industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, largely propelled by the fusion of software innovations and the emergence of social boosting services. Platforms like Real Socialz ( have become instrumental in reshaping the way gaming companies and content creators navigate the competitive realm of social media, fostering vibrant online communities and expanding their digital footprint.

The Rise of Social Boosting in Gaming

Social boosting services have become a game-changer for the video game industry on social media. These services empower gaming companies and individual content creators to amplify their presence, increase engagement, and reach a wider audience. In a world where visibility is key, social boosting has become the secret weapon for many in the gaming community.

  • Increased Visibility: Social boosting services enhance the visibility of gaming content by strategically [….]

Software & Video Games Internet Marketing Company: Maximizing Your Online Presence

The world’s current popular industries software and video games are still expanding their market share. The advent of the internet and mobile devices has made these industries as attractive as possible. Hence, many firms have come up and are now providing such internet-based marketing services for businesses within the sectors.

Software & Video Games, a specialized 網路行銷公司, assists firms operating in the field of web-based software solutions and video games to achieve online success.

Software & Video Games Development

Game Design Fundamentals

The whole process of developing the idea, rules, mechanics and story for a video game is referred to as gaming design. It is an integral component of creation of software or video games as that establishes a user experience in general.

Software Engineering Practices

Quality software and video games can be developed through implementing software development practices. It entails [….]

What Can Instagram IGTV Reels Do to Boost Your IG Account

Instagram viewsInstagram logo in the different gaming communities are among the most impressive because the content creators are expert gamers themselves. They find enjoyment in sharing their skills and knowledge about major multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA video games.

Yet MOBA alone as a choice of gaming content is not enough to drive engagement between you and gaming enthusiasts; or make IG users choose your Instagram video over your competitors.

Yet how they do it is the one question that has been bothering a lot of wannabes who want to prevail in Instagram. Nothing seems to work, not even the Instagram Reels that greatly contribute to thriving communities of gamers.

Consider Using IGTV as Medium

IGTV, which stands for Instagram TV. is a mobile standalone video application launched by Instagram in 2018. Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, the IGTV software [….]

Crafting Connections: Why Minecraft Reigns Supreme as the Ultimate Video Game for Adults

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Minecraft stands as a true behemoth, not only in terms of its enduring popularity but also for the profound impact it has had on the gaming community, transcending age boundaries. While Minecraft has always been celebrated as a game for all ages, it’s fascinating to delve deeper into why it reigns supreme as the ultimate video game for adults. In this article, we’ll explore the myriad reasons why Minecraft Servers has captured the hearts and minds of adult gamers across the globe, from its unparalleled creative freedom to its rich community-driven experiences. We’ll uncover the secrets of Minecraft’s longevity and its remarkable ability to forge connections among players of all ages.

A World of Boundless Creativity

One of the key factors that sets Minecraft apart from other video games is the unparalleled creative freedom it offers. In a world where many games [….]

Guarding the Gram: Navigating Security and Privacy on Instagram

In our rapidly digitizing world, the significance of online security and privacy has never been more critical. With over a billion users and countless Instagram views daily, Instagram stands as a beacon in the social media landscape. Yet, its vastness and the immense volume of Instagram views also beckon cyber threats, necessitating robust protective measures.

Fake accounts and bots once proliferated Instagram’s vast ecosystem, diluting genuine user interactions and inflating Instagram views. Recognizing this, Instagram introduced the coveted blue tick – a symbol of authenticity for public figures, brands, and entities. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath, Instagram deployed machine learning and AI-powered algorithms designed to detect anomalies and patterns indicative of bot-like behavior in Instagram views. Get more visualizaciones Instagram. The community also plays a pivotal role; user reporting mechanisms empower every individual to [….]

The Convergence of Technology, Social Media, and Gaming: Exploring the Next Level of Virtual Interaction

Software Video Games MP3

Redefining Virtual Interaction: Where Technology, Social Media, and Gaming Collide

In today’s digital age, the lines between reality and the virtual world are becoming increasingly blurred. As we navigate through the ever-evolving landscape of technology and social media, one phenomenon stands out—the convergence of technology, software development in the gaming industry, and social media platforms. This dynamic synergy is reshaping how we interact in virtual spaces and giving rise to a new era of digital socialization.

The Quest for Attention: When Posts and Comments Go Unnoticed

Have you ever felt that your posts and comments on social media platforms are lost in the vast ocean of content, never getting the attention they deserve? You’re not alone. In the bustling realm of the internet, it’s not uncommon for our digital voices to be drowned out, leaving us with a sense of frustration and [….]

Game On: Leveraging ODBC Driver for MySQL in Game Development

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In the ever-evolving landscape of game development, harnessing the right tools and technologies can make all the difference between a game that stumbles and one that soars. One such tool that often remains in the shadows but is crucial for many game developers is the ODBC Driver for MySQL. While it might not be the most glamorous part of game development, this driver plays a pivotal role in seamlessly connecting games with databases, offering many possibilities for creating immersive and dynamic gaming experiences.

Unlocking the Power of ODBC Driver for MySQL

What is ODBC?

To kick things off, let’s unravel the acronym. ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity. It’s a standard interface that allows different software applications, like games, to access and interact with databases, in this case, MySQL databases. Think of it as a bridge that connects the virtual world of your [….]

Pushing Boundaries in Software & Gaming

copywriting tools

The Power of Innovation in Software Development

In the fast-paced world of software development, innovation reigns supreme. Developers constantly seek new ways to enhance user experiences, boost productivity, and simplify complex tasks. One notable innovation in this field is using artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline processes. Companies are leveraging AI-driven algorithms to automate mundane tasks, making way for creativity and strategic thinking.

The Rise of Copywriting Tools

Among the innovative tools transforming the software landscape is the advanced copywriting tool. Powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, these tools assist content creators in crafting compelling, original, and plagiarism-free content. They analyze vast databases of information to suggest creative phrases, ensuring that content is engaging and unique.

Gaming: Where Creativity and Technology Merge

Gaming is an art form that embraces technology to deliver immersive experiences. Game developers are continually pushing the boundaries of [….]