To create our characters and assets in 2Dark, we developp our own tool, the Gloomy Voxel Editor. GVE1It’s allow us to modelize and animate 3D Voxels models.This software is still in Research and Development, but we already have an alpha version available for those who supported 2Dark on Ulule or got an access to our Beta Site.

Video Game Designer

Welcome to our official website. Here you can track our current and completed projects for a range of video games. Our team builds creative storylines and characters that help make the games interesting and playable. We give the direction to the video games that offer the adventure every gamer expects.

Sophie-Anne Bled

Kidnapped by aliens as a child, at Plambuit sur Ollon in Switzerland, it took her years to teach them about good manners, how to speak French, 19th century fantasy literature

Thierry Platon

Back in 1990 he was yelling « No Future! » in the Ubisoft offices! RanX came out, but the teenager was silenced… in the years that followed were spent wandering, hopelessly lost…

Yael Barroz

She doodles everywhere – ever since she was a little girl! Everywhere… even on the walls of her nana’s bedroom! What a spanking she got herself that day!

Frederick Raynal

When he was a kid, Frederick (with a K if you don’t want him to turn up one evening like some kind of masked avenger!) was already taking CB radios apart (CB for Citizens’ Band).

Press Releases

Here you can stay updated with the latest news in the video game industry. Find the best stories from the video game universe that have revolutionized the industry.

A retro video game band is born!


2Dark, a Retro Survival from Gloomywood!


Survival Adventure 2Dark


Frederick Raynal’s 2Dark


2 Dark Release Announced !

Catch the first glimpse of the upcoming mystery game – 2 Dark. Take a free walkthrough with our team as we introduce you to the themes.
It has been a great experience so far working with GloomyWood on a project that our team has been developing for a year now. Things are going as planned, and the team of GloomyWood is highly supportive of the ideas.



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The Evolution of Software and Video Games

Software development has become more accessible with a wider range of tools and technologies available to developers of all skill levels, democratizing the field.

The democratization of software development has led to a wide range of applications, including video games, which have undergone a remarkable evolution with advanced technologies enabling immersive, highly interactive gameplay experiences.

The Impact of Video Games on Society

Video games have become a major force in popular culture, influencing everything from education and social interactions to the economy and politics in addition to providing entertainment to millions of people worldwide.

The video game industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, employing millions of people and has spawned related industries like gaming hardware, online gaming platforms, and streaming services.

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Designing High Resolution Logo: Which Software?

The logo is one of the most important components of corporate design. It is the holistic appearance of a business. It is a means of communication as these contain the logo and also pick up on the logo design. A well-designed, high resolution Flipkart logo is extremely important because it has an appreciation value and satisfied customers have a positive connotation.

Designing your own high-resolution logo: which file format and which software?

If you don’t want to hire an expert for logo design, you can also design your own logo with image editing skills and the right software. An important question is whether the logo must be made as a pixel or raster graphic or as a vector graphic. Primarily, most users have experience in dealing with raster graphics tools like the very common Photoshop.

Flipkart photo

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Some Of The Best Voxel Editors

If you are somebody who is interested in boxing game or art, you will need a voxel editor just to get started. In this guide, I have listed out a couple of the best voxel editors when it comes to creating voxel art or even graphics for games. This post will contain all kinds of information about voxel editors.

I am sure you are asking yourself what Voxel editor is.
Well, a box and editor is basically a special type of software that is used by artists just to create 3-D Voxel models. The voxel models can actually be used for many different purposes, like photos for social media and 3-D models for all kinds of video games as well.

Here is a list of voxel software:
1. MagicaVoxel
2. Goxel
3. VoxEdit
4. Blender
5. Qubicle


1. MagicaVoxel is basically a free box and editors where is actively developed for [….]