Some Of The Best Voxel Editors


If you are somebody who is interested in boxing game or art, you will need a voxel editor just to get started. In this guide, I have listed out a couple of the best voxel editors when it comes to creating voxel art or even graphics for games. This post will contain all kinds of information about voxel editors.

I am sure you are asking yourself what Voxel editor is.
Well, a box and editor is basically a special type of software that is used by artists just to create 3-D Voxel models. The voxel models can actually be used for many different purposes, like photos for social media and 3-D models for all kinds of video games as well.

Here is a list of voxel software:
1. MagicaVoxel
2. Goxel
3. VoxEdit
4. Blender
5. Qubicle

1. MagicaVoxel is basically a free box and editors where is actively developed for the creation of voxel art models. It also has all of the tools that you need to edit, delete and add boxes. You will be able to paint boxes as well. It also ships with a very powerful rendering engine when it comes to creating some amazing images just for sharing. If you want to use the model in a game engine or even a separate 3D program, it also supports obj export. I am sure you will be very happy to know that it is 100% free for all kinds of commercial and personal projects.

It is fully featured with box and editor for editing, adding, deleting and painting of box sales. It is free to use for all kinds of projects. It has a very powerful built-in rendering engine. It has a very large community of artists for support as well. It is supported on Windows and macOS. It is free of charge.

2. Mega Voxels Play powerful mobile box and editor that is developed exclusively for android and iOS for the creation of voxel art models for tablets and smartphones. It is also very famously packed with all kinds of different tools and features that you can add, paint and delete as well. It comes with instant rendering and ambient occlusion, which will allow you to share very crisp images and videos easily and quickly. It is also very popular for having a built-in shop where you can browse hundreds of voxel models that are on demand. This application is also game engine friendly as it comes fully built-in with support for OBJ export format.

It is a fully-featured mobile editor for adding, painting, deleting voxel models.
You can actually use 3-D voxel models in augmented reality. There are many filters that you can add to your videos and photos as well.

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