Managing Product Software Distribution through Magento Commerce

Software sellers use the digital marketplace as a good opportunity to place their product. Yet, despite of the tight competition in the virtual industry, is there any assurance that your downloadable products are outstanding from the rest? This is where you need the help of the Magento Commerce.

Downloadable Product Management with Magento Commerce

Are you having a hard time of controlling downloadable software? Product uploads, managing your store, and securing the delivery of your products can be handled well by Magento Commerce. Worry no more, because here are some of the enterprise Magento solutions offer for you:

1-Hassle-Free File Delivery

What Magento Commerce does when it comes to your software products is that it simply handles the uploads, control, and software delivery right down to your customers.

2-Secure Downloads

Features regarding in-app security generally protect the unauthorized distribution of your software products from strangers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

A good customer experience defines the comparison between a single product purchase vs. a loyal advocate.

This is so true in terms of downloadable software products. Magento Commerce commits to deliver a one-of-a-kind customer experience through a user-friendly interface and streamlined processes. The end result definitely keeps your customers back for more.

Here are some of the key features that helps in enhancing the experience of your customers:

1-Seamless User Interface

Platforms from Magento makes customers browse, buy, and download your software easily because of its user-friendly feature.

2-License Key Management

License key generation automation and distribution, as well as banishing manual processes are another features of Magento Commerce.

Boost Sales and Growth

Aside from being an expert in handling downloadable software, Magento Commerce also has the capabilities of doing more than that. Basically, it empowers you to distribute a broader downloadable product range. Thus, resulting in new streams revenue and promoting customer participation.

Here is the list of things where Magento helps you on your product sales:

1-Scalable Platform

Magento offers a strong platform infrastructure that allows your store to manage the growing traffic and sales volume. 

2-Targeted Marketing Tools

In order to distribute your downloadable software’s targeted promotions, Magento Commerce highly supports built-in marketing software tools. The said tools also portion out your audience.


Magento is a powerful platform that generally offers several services and features. Mainly, Magento Commerce streamline the delivery of downloadable software products, increase customer experience, and promote sales. The strong features and scalability of Magento Commerce tend to be the recommendable solution for software sellers gearing toward the strong competition on the digital market.

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